Jewelry Concealed Organizer

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Brand: AOOU

Color: White


  • ★Full Screen★:Once they come across the frameless jewelry organizer, lots of people can not accept the jewelry cabinet with frame anymore .The difference is jolly profound!
  • ★LED Light★: Jewelry armoire can not be described fashionable without LED light,and the most faddish light must be the blue one.
  • ★2 in 1★:The large capacity dressing mirror can be hung up on wall or door firmly. If the door tends to swing shut, the angel leans, try to adjust.
  • ★Environment-friendly★: The outside material is the TOP 1 wood of P2 standard( E0 Stand),the inside cloth is degradable. Lacquer free :0nly a little glass glue to stick the glass,which might have a little smell. Please air makeup jewelry armoire r for 3 days.Magnetic door holder:if hard to open it first,try by force.
  • ★Worries-free Shopping★: Since you've seen here, go ahead and take a look at the description,there's a surprise for you. If you don't like this style,you can message me for refund out of NO Reason and don't need to feel embarrassed at all.

Publisher: AOOU

Details: Since you seriously opened the description,I will never let you go back with nothing. I think you have compared many jewellery cabinets.
I want to know, in your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the jewelry organizer I designed, compared with other brands?
Sending your opinion by amazon message,I will give you a 20% off to 80% off discount code.

As a delicate woman,when men stare at me
I definitely know jewelry is the most obvious thing they notice
so listen to me
you must have hundred pieces jewelry like I do
to spice up your life.

So,I started to design jewelry organizer by myself
to organize my a bunch of treasure

In appearance
there must be a frameless mirror, feeling the profound difference.
The length have to be designed 47 inches to reflect the whole figure.
There should have special place
for earrings, necklaces, bracelets,sunglasses,scarves
eye shadow,lipsticks and moisturizer...etc.

Most important of all,it must be 2 in 1,can be hung up on Wall or Door.

Materials must be environmental protection< br> The inside cloth is degradable.
The outside wood is made by the TOP 1 wood of P2 standard(American) /E0 Stand( European)
It is lacquer free:totally good for environment and health.
Glass glue:I chose the neutral glass glue for fixing mirror, which is the most environmental-friendly.
After being stored in the package for 2 month, it may has a little smell. I suggest you to air it for 3 days after boxing.

Package Contents:
- 1 x Jewelry Cabinet
- 2 x Hanging Hooks
- 1 x Pack of Accessories
- 1 x Instruction
Please note:
- Please don't place it in damp areas to avoid deformation.

UPC: 742297012112

EAN: 0742297016721

Package Dimensions: 51.3 x 17.6 x 6.8 inches