Ancient Jedi text, Journal of the Whills wooden hideaway book box

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This is a completely unique piece-a seemingly vintage book, this is actually a wooden box that is wood-burned and hand-decorated. The top opens on a character and clasps with magnets-perfect for jewelry, trinkets, or any other stuff! It's possible people would believe this is a real novel.
It seems to be an Ancient Jedi text (maybe Journal of the Whills?) that is extremely old, but still in common. Hand-sculpted, carved and decorated for any sci-fi enthusiast, fantasy enthusiast and Star Wars addict, this is a MUST have.
The back to the top is a vintage-y friendly. We brush the entire lot with a satin, waterproof finish.
Would be making a great gift to yourself or someone else.

Thanks for looking!

Size - Whole box, outside:

Width: 6 inches
Length: 8 inches
Height: 3 inches