Gun and Rifle Storage Hanger

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Details: Designed for the gun owner who wants to have easy access to his or her weapons while keeping them safe and protected in their home. Many of the cases have safety features such as closing zippers and sleek designs. The gun closet provides instant, secure storage options that are not readily apparent to the casual visitor, whether the need arises from a late-night emergency or a newly purchased weapon.


  • This unobtrusive storage case hangs from any home or office door and is built to remain concealed.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 50 inches
  • This case will carry up to two handguns, two long arms, and eight magazines.
  • There are four external multi-use pockets for a variety of storage needs.
  • Fast-access flaps and pistol holsters are included.
  • The locking zippers on this case allow you to securely secure your firearms.
  • Tactical and military sports

Brand: Allen Company

Color: Black

Package Dimensions: 22.0 x 17.1 x 1.7 inches