Wooden Wall Shelf Hidden Compartment

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Brand: VCT WoodWorks

Color: Brown

Details: Handcrafted shelf with secret compartment drop back, and secret pull handle. It's made of pine in pain. Overall, it measures about 18 1/2 "from side to side, 8" from front to back and 3 1/2 "tall. The drop-down compartment has a functional space of 12 1/2" long, 5 1/2 "from front to back and 1 3/4" from top to bottom. The bottom is hidden with a fabric lining. By pulling the hidden pin on the foot, you get easy access to the bottom drawer. It tends to be a decorative component of the rack. Really quiet and impossible to find out because you don't know what they're doing. The main supporting structure was formed by screws.

Rated to a total inside and out capacity of 20 lb. There are 2 mounting holes which are pre-drilled. Equipment provided for mounting it on either a solid wood panel or on drywall. You can have one wood screw in one hole in a wall stud for drywall installs, and a high duty drywall anchor in the other. Included velcro brace to protect loose objects. Comes unfinished (no stain), or choose from 4 paint choices for stain. The pictured shelf is stained with walnut. For extra protection an additional fee may be extra to a key lock. The pictured weapons, outhouse and candle is for show purposes only, and is not included in the shelf. Shelf comes pictured as assembled.