101 Secret Hiding Places

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Details: The key to stashing your valuables is often as easy as a hollowed out book. In other cases, whatever you intend to protect may be highly confidential, requiring increased security information. A empty book does probably not do it. This book isn't hollow; in it, we'll explore different hiding spots, from the simple and straight forward to the complicated – a spot to conceal your cash from your light-fingered roommate or a location where your family heirlooms can be hidden from the cunningest of jewelry robbers. We'll also look at travel-specific secret hiding sites, as visitors are always a prime target for minor robbery or burglary.

The use of secret hiding places is not limited to 
hiding valuables; hiding places can also be used to conceal weapons. 
Carrying firearm at all times on your person would empower you to protect yourself in 
case the need arises, without raising fear in your attacker or making anyone around you feel unsafe. 
We will be including few ways 
to conceal valuables and weapons on your body. 

Know how to safely conceal 
your belongings, objects and documents: 

1) In Your Home
2) On The Road
3) When You're Traveling
4) From Hackers/Cyber Thieves
and more...

Languages: English

Author: George Shepherd

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 46

Publisher: CDI Publications Inc.

Release Date: 2015-01-01