Best Foods Mayonnaise Diversion Safe Stash Can w HumanFriendly Smell-Proof Bag

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Brand: HumanFriendly


  • AUTHENTIC - Made from a real 16 fl oz Best Food Mayonnaise Jar. You could easily place this among a dozen others in your pantry, fridge or picnic basket and there would be no difference.
  • JUST LIKE THE REAL THING - This diversion jar is weighted to feel and look like it is full of Mayonnaise. We've even made sure the color and smell of the jar contents were that of Mayonnaise.
  • HIDE YOUR VALUABLES in plain sight with this popular stash can. Having a giant jar of mayonnaise around is very discrete. HIDDEN COMPARTMENT is accessed by unscrewing what seems to be a factory-sealed jar lid.
  • LARGE HIDING SPACE - This 1 lb jar of mayonnaise is among the few stash cans with a hidden compartment space that is not rectangular and narrow. The area of hiding space is more of a square shape, allowing wider shaped valuables to be stowed away within a fairly small container.
  • INCLUDES a medium-sized 3.5 x 5" HumanFriendly smell-proof bag to keep your valuables even more safe and secure. While the bag does help keep your small valuables in one space, we recommend using extra padding inside of this stash jar in order to keep your stored items from clanking around inside diversion safe.

Publisher: HumanFriendly


Best Food Mayonnaise Diversion Safe

The Best Food Mayonnaise stash jar is a great way to hide your valuables in plain sight. Indistinguishable from the real thing, what seems to be the "factory-sealed" jar lid, twists off to reveal a spacious storage compartment which actually takes up most of the jar's interior. This hidden safe is customized and constructed from an authentic 16 oz Best Food Mayonnaise jar made to feel, smell and look like a full jar of mayonnaise.

- Actual can dimensions measure approximately 4.75" high, 3" wide.

- Inside dimensions approximately 3.5" deep

- Mouth of inner container is approximately 2.75" diameter

For added security we have included a tinted HumanFriendly smell-proof bag (measuring 3.5" x 5") to help keep your valuables even more secure. Having extra padding inside of the hidden compartment helps muffle the sound of anything moving around inside.

PLEASE NOTE: Given the larger area of hiding space, we would recommend adding some extra padding around heavier valuables.

UPC: 702038356707

EAN: 0702038356707

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.0 x 2.8 inches