Tissue Box Safe

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Elevate your home security with the discreet charm of the Upper Midland Products Tissue Box Safe. Masterfully crafted from top-tier acrylic, this elegant black tissue holder is more than a mere household item—it's a bastion for your valuables. The chic design belies its true purpose: to protect and conceal your personal treasures such as cash and jewelry with an unassuming exterior.

Each Tissue Box Safe comes equipped with a standard pack of tissues, offering functionality alongside security. At the rear, a secure door with a personalized combination lock stands guard, ensuring that your belongings are accessible only to you.

Designed to blend into any decor with its sleek black color and compact dimensions of 10.1 x 7.8 x 6.5 inches, this ingenious safe keeps your secrets well hidden. Whether placed in plain sight on a coffee table or nestled on a bookshelf, it offers a seamless blend of utility and security.

Opt for the Upper Midland Products Tissue Box Safe—a stylish, covert storage solution that ensures your most precious items are hidden in plain view, yet locked away from prying eyes.