Burnt Wood American Flag Concealment Cabinet

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Details: The American flag of San Tan Woodworks burnt wood concealment blends concealment and artisan American woodworking. As veterans, we know you need your things concealed in plain sight, which will allow you instant access at a notice. As craftsmen, we aim to create functional works that will conceal your valuables and give you an attractive home decor. Every concealment of the American flag is made in our Arizona woodworking shop. The use of American materials in each flag ensures quality and a pledge to support American industry.

Our woodworkers are passionate about what they are doing, which is why we only use hand-picked Birch, Maple, and Pine to build our cases of concealment. Such rich varieties of wood are bold, appealing to the eye and incredibly long lasting. Your flag of concealment will become an heirloom passed on for generations with the appropriate treatment. Our cabinet concealment is both practical and attractive.

The flag of concealment hangs securely on any wall and displays no signs of its hidden compartment. For years, visitors will marvel at it without having a clue about its content. Over 2 inches of foam inside the compartment protects your valuables and keeping them in place. Designed veteran and built artisan, your concealment American flag will be your home 's pride. Service includes: mounting screws, foam cutter and instructions. For each flag please allow 1 week of production time (does not include shipping time). Stock Details: Stock Dimensions:13x24x3.75 Product Weight: 10 Shipping Weight: 11 Measurements 11.25x21.5 These pieces do not have a lock

Hidden in Plain Sight

  • Secure in Plain Sight: Our cabinet of concealment. With ease and trust the burnt wood American flag can be proudly displayed in every room. The discreet design does not provide any indication of its hidden compartment, which allows you to keep your items in plain sight perfectly concealed. Our flags are magnificent works of art but we place extra focus on flexibility. Nobody thinks the banner is anything but an beautiful piece of Americana.
  • Handmade in Arizona: In our shop in Arizona, single burnt wood concealment American flag is crafted to order. We are a small company run by veterans, hiring American artisans and woodworkers. Every color of our concealment flags may vary slightly between product and product. Our team knows what hard work means. Both our concealment furniture is made to last, and designed for centuries to come to pass.
  • The flag is 13x24x3.75 in length. The hinged concealment compartment is discreetly located behind the stars portion of the flag, and measures 11.25 "x 21.5." A 2,25-inch thick piece of foam is included in the compartment to keep your valuables in good condition. And when hanging the hinged door leaves the compartment locked. A Safety 1st Magnetic Lock keeps your cabinet secure but accessible by passing a large magnet which is included as well.
  • 100% American product: Made from exclusively American-made materials in the USA, you can be proud to support American woodworkers and manufacturing each time you buy. As a veteran-owned family business, every day we open the woodshop we are honored to represent the quality of American-made goods.

Brand: BurntStandardAmerican

Color: Burnt

Publisher: San Tan Woodworks