Secret Compartment Book Tissue Dispenser

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The SAGEFINDS Book Tissue Dispenser is a creatively designed item that seamlessly merges utility with a love for literature. It masquerades as a stack of aged, leather-bound books, elegantly crafted from hardwood. This novel tissue box cover, sized to encase a standard boutique tissue box, is not just a functional necessity; it also doubles as a charming decor piece for your home or office. The dispenser features a hinged lid for ease of tissue replacement and conceals a slide-out drawer for additional storage, perfect for small personal items. With dimensions ideally suited for a nightstand, desk, or bathroom countertop, this tissue holder serves as an excellent gift for book lovers, teachers, or as a unique accent in a book club. Complete with a satisfaction guarantee from PGI Traders, it combines practicality with the allure of vintage books.

  • Brand: SAGEFINDS
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.7 x 8.0 inches
  • EAN: 0810025211318