Sturdy Gun Safe MFG.

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  • 42"W 27"D 72"H
  • Interior Dimension- 37 "W 19.6"D 64"H
  • Body Thickness/Door Thickness- 4g / 3/8"
  • Fire Liner- 2.5" of 2300 Ceramic
  • Long Gun Count With Side Shelves/Without- 26/33

Brand: Sturdy Safe

Publisher: Sturdy Safe

Details: 42"W 27"D 72"H (Add 1.5"D For Handle) Interior Dimension W/Fire- 37 "W 19.6"D 64"H Interior Cubic Foot- 26.9 Body Thickness- 4g Door Thickness- 3/8" Inside Steel Liner 16g Shipped Weight- 1485 lbs. Long Guns 26/33 Fire Liner- 2.5" of 2300 Ceramic This is a commercial quality American made safe that's shipped directly from Sturdy Gun Safe Manufacturing. It's options are known on their website as having the Most Popular Package, Fire Liner, Interior #2, Rifle Rod Gun Rack, Dark Gray And Black Speckle Finish, and Group 2 S&G Spin Dial. As you can see from the Standard Features and Specifications lists below, it comes standard with thick steel and high security linkage capable of taking abuse for a lifetime (see the torture videos), at a way lower price point than any safe comparable in steel plate thickness alone. Tons of special options are available on Sturdy's website. These options include increasing steel thickness, dial choices and mind blowing finishes. Shipping and sales tax included in the pricing shown. Please call us if you have any questions, or to check for sales 800-262-0023. 1-6 weeks till completion. Transit days are 2-10 business days.