Gun Magnet Mount - U.S. Flag

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Details: The MytypeMag Weapon Magnet is a groundbreaking weapon mount that helps you to draw handguns, rifles and magazines instantly, easily retrieval.
It is less than 0.5 "thick, and can carry just about any gun on the market in just about any place.
It won't scratch your weapons, and keep securely without slipping.
For quick installation per Magnet comes with screws.

• High hiding profile and discrete positioning
• Soft rubber coating resistant to abrasion avoids damage to arms
Advanced architecture eliminates the risk of spinning a firearm
• Has a large surface with easy removal for better grip
• Built to be installed easily anywhere. Tested police, perfect for men and women alike & tactical use


  • • UP TO 50 LBS: Gun Magnet Mount is made of rare earth magnets of neodymium, max. 50 Lbs
  • FIT To ALL BRANDS & FIREARM TYPES: Available to handguns, shotguns, firecrackers, cannons, revolvers.
  • EASILY CONCEALED: In vans, under tables, trucks, houses, doors, cabinets, safes, chairs or cabinets. 
  • SPECIAL MADE SCREWS: 8 screws, 4 long and 4 short screws, individually made as well as full-fledged.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY, welcome to contact us for FREE EXCHANGE or FULL REFUND

Brand: MytypeMag

Color: 2-Pack U.S.flag

Publisher: MytypeMag

Pistol Magnet Uses

Using The MytypeMag Magnet to hold your gun in a number of places:
● In the truck (for those with concealed carriage licences)
● On a rampart
● Behind meubles or under furniture
● Under a shelf
● Under a desk
● Upon or above a door
● Download almost anywhere-your imagination is tight ...

Length: 3.8"L x 1.8"W x 0.33"H
Allows sleek, low profile piston mounting
This has a wide surface area with quick removal to better grip.

Installation Facility:

Screws with 1/2 inch & 1-1/4 inch screws for your preference
Screw straight and do not straighten over

Multiple units are recommended for long / heavier weapons, rifles or shotguns
Note: Firearms can be dangerous and should be held beyond children's control.
This is recommended that an empty gun be mounted or the safety secured.

Box Size: 6.9 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches