Biometric Trigger Lock for Handgunsm Rifles and Shotguns

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Elevate your firearm safety with the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Trigger Lock, where cutting-edge protection meets effortless access. Engineered for rapid response, this lock features 360° fingerprint recognition technology, deploying the trigger lock within a mere 0.5 seconds. High-precision scanners ensure that in the most critical moments, access to your firearm is as immediate as it is exclusive to authorized users.

The keyless design redefines convenience, eliminating the worry of misplaced keys. Capable of storing up to 50 distinct fingerprints, managing access is straightforward and secure. This biometric marvel is not only ideal for thwarting accidental discharges but is also an essential safeguard, particularly in homes with children or inexperienced handlers.

Its lightweight, portable build makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go security. Whether you're traveling or simply moving from place to place, this shotgun and rifle trigger lock is your trusty companion. It's discreet enough to carry in a pocket or bag, ensuring your firearms remain secure yet accessible.

Constructed from robust aluminum alloy, the ONNAIS lock is a paragon of strength and corrosion resistance. It's designed to withstand attempts at tampering and is complemented by rubber pads to protect your gun's finish from scratches. The versatile fit caters to a wide array of firearms, from pistols like the P226 and VP9 to shotguns like the Mossberg M500.

Backed by a One-Year Peace of Mind Warranty and a customer service team that stands ready to assist, ONNAIS commits to your complete satisfaction. Note the importance of using the lock on unloaded guns only, as safety is paramount.

Released on 18-10-2023, and available in a sleek black finish, the ONNAIS Biometric Gun Trigger Lock blends seamlessly with your firearm, ensuring security never compromises style.

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 x 3.7 inches; Weight: 197g. Choose ONNAIS for a future where your peace of mind is locked in as securely as your firearm.