Hidden RFID Cabinet Lock with Remote

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Introducing the CODACE Hidden RFID Cabinet Lock - The Ultimate in Smart and Secure Cabinet Access!

🔑 Features:

✅ One Card, Multiple Locks: CODACE brings you the coolest hidden lock that lets you program a single key into multiple locks, making it a breeze to manage and secure your cabinets. You can even test it before installation, ensuring seamless operation.

✅ NFC Setup: Setting up your lock is a breeze! For iOS, simply hold an existing transit card or bank card and configure it successfully. Add this card to your iPhone Wallet. Android users can copy their RFID key to their smartphone's wallet via the NFC function.

✅ High Suitability: Our RFID cards can penetrate thicker wood panels, accommodating doors up to 1.6 inches thick. Perfect for single and double doors, sliding doors, wooden cabinets, gun boxes, and more. For non-wood surfaces, use 3M tape for installation instead of screws.

✅ Low Battery Auto-Unlock: Never get locked out! When the battery runs low, the lock emits a long beep and can still be used approximately 25 times. If the battery is too low, the lock will automatically open, prompting you to replace the battery. It also features an auto-rebounce and auto-lock function for added convenience.

✅ Smart and Sturdy: No need for drilling holes or damaging your cabinets. Our package includes everything you need for a hassle-free installation, including 2 RFID locks, 2 latches, 2 RFID cards, 2 slide latches, 2 tags, 2 screw sets, 2 USB cables, 2 induction labels, and a user manual.

🌟 Brand: CODACE

⚫ Color: Black

📦 Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches

Upgrade your cabinet security to a whole new level with the CODACE Hidden RFID Cabinet Lock. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional locks and experience the convenience and peace of mind that our smart lock brings. Secure your cabinets with style and innovation today!