Electric Magnetic Lock

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Fortified Security, Streamlined Design: Presenting the YUHANUS Magnetic Door Lock, a pinnacle of security engineering. This lock is not just a barrier; it's a stainless steel fortress for your door, empowered with anti-residual magnesium for an exceptional hold. With a formidable 60KG (130LBS) holding force, it promises peace of mind in a compact, mighty package.

Compact Powerhouse: Measuring merely 3.15'' x 1.46'' x 0.94'', this magnetic marvel is the epitome of strength in a mini size. The accompanying armature plate, at 2.95'' x 1.26'' x 0.43'', complements it perfectly, together delivering a robust holding force of 130lbs that belies their modest dimensions.

Intelligent Operation: This lock operates on an NC Mode (Normally Closed Mode), ensuring it stays locked when powered and springs open when power is cut—ideal for safety and emergency situations. The DC12V voltage is optimized for efficiency, and the built-in voltage spike suppressor stands guard against electrical surges.

Versatile and Reliable: Engineered for a range of applications, this magnetic door lock seamlessly integrates with wooden, glass, metal doors, fireproof doors, and cabinets. Its versatile nature makes it a trustworthy ally for various security needs.

Secure and Sophisticated: YUHANUS delivers more than just a lock; it's an advanced security solution. The aluminum alloy and metal plate construction are finished with anodized aluminum for durability and elegance. This lock is built to withstand the test of time and temperature, from -10 ~ +55C (14-131F), ensuring reliability in any condition.

Product Insights:

  • Brand: YUHANUS
  • Color: Silver, reflecting the sleek, strong nature of the 60KG/130Lbs holding force.
  • Package Details: A complete set including the electromagnetic lock, armature plate, screws pack, and an English user manual, all snugly fit within a package dimension of 7.1 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches.