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This is a very secretive diversion safe ! Simple to install in 2 minutes or less to the ceiling! Includes Socket Magnetic Light Bulb + Metal Plate Mounting Kit. Sections of this light bulb socket holder is removed from inside. Parts were attached to this socket with light bulb. Light bulbs, jewellery, not including coins. Do not install the socket onto a wall. Not intended for use with large thick glass flood light bulbs etc. Some of those sockets have a fine line running across the socket surface at around 12:30 in picture 7. (The line is on the clock face at 12:30) This is a factory mistake or seam or plastic mold line or computer line in several of the sockets at the same location.

The line has no influence on the layout of this element or its use. Seeing it showed up on the picture wasn't easy. This socket safe is built to store small objects. This is a socket which doesn't work. See definition and images