Faraday Signal Blocking Backpack with a Hidden Pocket

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Barrier Bag Backpack: The Anti-Spy Secret Keeper

Introducing the Barrier Bag Backpack, your perfect companion for securing your most sensitive and important belongings. With its special anti-spy secret compartment, this isn't just a backpack—it’s your own personal vault.

Key Features:

  • Hidden Anti-Spy Compartment: Nestled discreetly on the lower backside of the backpack, the secret pocket is your ultimate anti-spy feature. Secured with a YKK zipper and Velcro, it is perfect for concealing and protecting sensitive items from prying eyes and unwanted electromagnetic interference.

  • Ultimate Electromagnetic Protection: In addition to the secret pocket, this backpack blocks EMF/EMR/RF electromagnetic radiation, shielding your devices from WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular, RFID, NFC, Keyfob, E-Z Pass signals, and more, up to 6GHz. (Please note: AM radio frequencies are allowed for emergency broadcasts.)

  • Triple Shielding for Maximum Security: The backpack features THREE (3) Faraday compartments—the front pocket, a main large compartment, and the hidden anti-spy pocket—to ensure comprehensive protection.

  • Quick Access Marsupial Pouch: Positioned between the two Faraday compartments, this open pocket provides convenient storage for larger or irregularly shaped items.

  • Durable & Secure Design: Water and rip-resistant materials are employed, with compartments using a rolling enclosing method to guarantee a secure barrier.

  • Size and Functionality:

    • Easily fit 17" laptops and tablets.
    • The main compartment features a 9.84in x 11.81in inner zipper pocket and a 7.88in x 11.81in open pocket.
  • Adjustable Comfort for Everyday Use: Enjoy adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable chest belt to customize your carrying experience.


  • Brand: Barrier Bag
  • Color: Greylock Grey
  • Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 18.5 x 3.3 inches

Detailed Dimensions of the Secret Pocket:

  • 7.5in H x 10in W x 0.63in D when rolled.

With the Barrier Bag Backpack, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your secret compartment is keeping your most vital items safe and secure—hidden from the world, but always within your reach. Your anti-spy gear solution.