This Hidden Wall Safe Socket Give a Secret Place

This Hidden Wall Safe Socket Give a Secret Place

December 27, 2009.By AmarnathinGadgets

Scared to go out on vacation because of the robbers who had robbed your neighbors’ some time back or afraid to let your sweeper to clean your master bedroom toilet worrying about her intention about your valuables? Your worries are all over now for this new, one of a kind Safety locker which is here to seal all your valuable stuffs safely at your bedroom’s wall.

This Hidden Wall Safe Socket is the safest place you can hide your valuables in because it can fixed in your wall as this allows you to hide your stuffs in any one of many identical looking wall outlets which you already have in your house walls. A burglar has a very less time to search for money and the first place where he would look is inside your wardrobe or a Safe at your bedroom. He wouldn’t even have any time to think that one can save their money inside a wall! Even if you are worried about the outlet cover which is not matching your other outlets then just interchange any standard plug cover so that this one matches with other plugs. Made up of High impact plastic and metal with dimensions of 7″H x 3.5″W x 2.5″D, this can easily installed as it comes with cutout saw and template and is much cheaper then a normal Safe as its cost $7.99.

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