The best gun concealment furniture and diversion safes

The best gun concealment furniture and diversion safes

Do you want to keep your guns safe from kids and thieves? Do you want to keep your guns nearby in case you need to use them? If so this article is for you.

Find the best gun concealment furniture and diversion safes to keep you guns hidden and safe and the best safes with quick access to keep your pistols, rifles, and any other gun safe, hidden and ready to use when you need it.


John Wayne "Life is Hard" Mini Gun Secret Storage Sign


Do not let the name Mini fool you these wall art designs features a full opening concealed compartment with magnetic safety lock, designed to match your favorite handguns and accessories while taking up the smallest possible amount of wall space.

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Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

This safe box is made by awesafe, with the intention of optimizing your safe box 's security and satisfaction. Awesafe is committed to protecting, organizing and safeguarding your most important documents, valuables and souvenirs. Equipped with trusted biometric fingerprint technology and compressed gas pillars, awesafe allows for fast, one-handed, low-pitched, quiet entry. Get weapons in the most critical moments, easily and reliably. Fast access to biometric pistol security Ideal for shared access and advanced safety with up to 30 fingerprints. Simple Zero-feedback simple for silent entry and override key for easy backup access.

Pry-resistant door and solid steel construction Offers strength and protection against unauthorized firearms entry. Compression Gas Strut Automatically opens the lid for single handed access when the combination is reached. Material Information: Exterior dimensions: 12 * 10 * 3.3 inches Interior dimensions: 9.6 * 6.3 * 2.4 inches Weight: 10 Lbs Packing includes: 1*Gun & Ammunition Storage & Safes 1*Instruction manual Warranty 1 year initial manufacturer warranty This material is warranted by the original customer for one year from the date of delivery.If the product is within 1 year of delivery, any portion of the product or the whole product will be damaged due to manufacturing process or materials, awesafe may fix or remove the component or portion for the original purchaser, at its absolute discretion. Important details Please contact us if you have any question or concern about the secure package. Most problems can be solved, unless the product has to be returned.

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Secret storage shelf, Hidden gun storage with Personalized Key, 47"

This rustic floating shelf with hidden compartment is the perfect piece for plain sight hiding of valuables. Use it as a place to hide hidden, but easily accessible guns, jewelry, cash, or whatever you would like. It comes with an American Flag key but you can customize it with whatever photo you want!

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Wooden Nightstand with Hidden Drawer

Take the clean lines and unfettered architecture of this 2 drawer wood nightstand to your bedroom in a flexible contemporary theme. It has two spacious drawers with hidden drawer and each drawer is punctuated with knob hardware, providing good space for your personal items to be stored in. This versatile alternative for the bedroom and the guest room is accented with brown cherry finish.

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Handgun Hide & Lock - Biometric Pistol Safe

The SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric is perfect for easy access and enables you to use your own fingerprints as your unlock code. Revolutionary style and discreet feel, this safe fingerprint weapon makes it a perfect match for home and business alike. Connect protection with the SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric, without sacrificing access.

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Concealment Bench

The CASTLECREEK Concealment Bench provides a clever and practical way to access daily objects, while also keeping weapons or other valuables open and also under wraps. One upper storage compartment contains daily essentials; one 48.5 "x 14.5" key-lockable storage compartment below the upper compartment; Lockable compartment contains up to five rifles and a tray containing two pistols; Faux brown leather microfiber looks best anywhere; Frame material: Plywood and MDF; dimensions: 51.2"w. x 17"d. x 20"h.; Dimensions of concealment storage: 48.5 "x 14.5"; volume of weight: 400 lbs.; weight: 50 lbs.

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Large Biometric Rifle Safe


With a scan of your fingerprint, this huge Biometric safe helps you to keep things secure and quickly available. The scanning technology of the biometric safe is the solution for storing your products safely and getting immediate access to them, this model carries up to 120 different users. Accessing your valuables is as simple as pressing the power button, scanning your fingerprint and turning the handle quickly. An Internal 12 place removable rack holds things organized. The removable storage rack at the door's inside provides additional organization. In a soft material that protects precious valuables from scratching, the interior is fully lined.To firmly connect it to a wall, floor or other solid flat surface, the safe has 6 pre-drilled mounting points. The 5-point dead-bolt locking mechanism and solid steel construction ensure that your valuables are not accessed by unauthorized users. The safe comes with keys as a secondary access point for backup or battery failure. Features: up to 120 programmable users; 12-position interno removable rack

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Peacemaker Concealment Clock

The Liberty Home Concealment Peacemaker Concealment Clock features solid wood construction with a hinged door that opens to expose a secret 9.5"x 11.5 "compartment. Lined with a flexible piece of closed cell foam that is designed to accommodate anything you want to keep out of sight. This item is available on request, in various stain and finish choices. The pictured one is made of dark walnut stain color Oak. An optional magnetic safety lock will provide extra protective layer to keep your things locked inside.

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Guardian Side Table with hidden gun storage

Hidden Compartment Table | Side Table with Hidden Compartment ...

Hold weapons within sight of your favorite self-defense products as you sleep or relax with Liberty Home 's Guardian Side Table on the sofa. Makes a great nightstand or table top, features a drawer pull out and wide enclosed storage area below. Without disrupting objects on top, the lockable concealed compartment can be opened and is filled with a closed cell foam that can be personalized to the things you want to store. These tables are also available in several different colors of strong stain, and combinations of paint / stain.

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Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

Hidden behind the tempered glass curio display area is a sliding cabinet that blends in with your rifle or shotgun range. It is both a lovely addition to a dining room or living room and an inconspicuous option for storing weapons. Inside the curio display, the slider lock is designed exclusively and further storage is provided behind the lower locking door. This cabinet is simple to install and is a great addition to any room.

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