Benefits of Gun Concealment Furniture 

Benefits of Gun Concealment Furniture 

We list some of the questions you probably want to have answers on in regards to concealment furniture in general and specifically gun concealment furniture.

Safer than a regular gun safe: A gun safe is easy to notice and can be break open on the spot as opposed to concealment furniture which is hidden in plain sight and is disguised. For instance, it’s difficult to guess that the mantel or dresser or bottom of the coffee table be where you’re hiding the weapon.

Contemporary look: Gun concealment furniture look great and of the highest furniture quality and most importantly look like any high quality furniture in your home, there is no hint that give them away or make them more noticeable. 

Quick access and safety: They are designed to keep a weapon safe, safe from burglars, safe from kids, but also very accessible when you need them with quick access functions like RFID card, magnetic lock, hidden lever and etc.... such furniture ensures ease of access instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why is gun concealment furniture more effective than a gun safe?

A: Quick access, ease of use, convenience, modern design and disguising appearance are part of a concealed gun furniture. Unlike gun safes, opening them is easy in case of an emergency and they are right next to you. You don’t waste valuable seconds unlocking the safe. There are different types of concealment furniture – some do not have a locking system while others use magnetic or RFID locks, which are far quicker to open and close.

Q: What is gun concealment furniture anyway?

A: It is any regular furniture piece that provides hidden storage to keep firearms securely. It can be a desk, shelf, night stand or even a clock with an integrated stash slot for storing guns. You can use it to conceal other belonging as well, but such furniture is particularly used for concealing pistols and rifles.

Q: Why use gun concealment furniture and not use a safe?

A: Gun safes have their advantages, but hidden storage furniture have a dual-purpose, which brings a sense of security and peace of mind to the home. One can securely place a weapon inside the easy-to-access compartment and forget about anyone else reaching it without knowing that it is actually there. Gun concealment furniture is now available for just about every room in the house, living room, bedroom and even the bathroom. So, if you’re interested in safe, discreet firearm storage, this is your way to go.


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