25 Best Secret Compartments Décor For You!

25 Best Secret Compartments Décor For You!

The fascination each one of us has with hidden compartments and secret decor is nothing new. It's been prevalent since thousands of years ago. The Egyptians took it to a whole new level and had Chambers hidden inside their pyramids. Hidden compartments decor is something that you might not find easily in everyone's home these days but the desire for secret stashes and clandestine passageways hasn't dwindled one bit. Though it can be a bit tricky to build a secret passageway, there are undoubtedly several ways to hide your treasure and important stuff from the prying eyes.

Check out the list of 25 incredibly unique secret compartments decor we have in stock for you.


  1. Home or Office Pistol Concealment Wall Clock -

 Home or Office Pistol Concealment Wall Clock

Everyone that sees it will come across a wall clock which is perfectly doing its job, which is showing the right time. However, the purpose of the wall clock in your home or office won't be limited to that trivial characteristics of its. It can hide a pistol with great ease and no one will ever know, except for yourself (of course). Find it here!


  1. Sterling Silver Locket Ring Secret Compartment Garnet

 Sterling Silver Locket Ring Secret Compartment Garnet

In one word the sterling silver ring is mesmerizing to look at. The antique-y look that it demonstrates along with the intricate detailing along with the side of shimmering red gem is to die for. But, is that all it is? Or there is more to it than meets the inquisitive eyes? Yes, you guessed it right there is so much more to this gorgeous ring than you can see. Check out the teeny tiny compartment that will magnificently open up to hide your secret treasure. Find it here!


  1. Hidden Storage Book Box Hider

 Hidden storage book box hider

If you aren't prepared to go all undercover, then ease yourself into the process. Check out this faux book box hider. Anyone that comes across it will see your collection of neatly arranged set of vintage books, but it isn't that is it? It is the most beautiful facade that will blend in with your contemporary home decor. Stash your important documents or store your jewelry, money, plugs, cords, and other stuff in the wooden storage box. Find it here!


  1. Bookcase Secret Door

 Bookcase Secret Door

The bookcase door is a lit more than one can imagine but the end result is spectacular and simply stunning. Not only does the secret door secretly and very swiftly open and close but the shelves can be used for actually storing some books. It takes hardly a matter of minutes to install the secret door anywhere in your house or office you want. The smooth door can be opened either from the left or right - choice is completely yours. Find it here!


  1. Best Foods Mayonnaise Diversion Safe Stash Can With Human Friendly Smell Proof Bag

 Best Foods Mayonnaise Diversion Safe Stash Can w HumanFriendly Smell-Proof Bag

Who can ever in their weirdest dreams imagine that you are hiding some cash in your kitchen shelf amidst plenty of other containers? We bet even the best detectives can't. Check out this incredible mayonnaise jar that obviously won't have any mayonnaise in it. In case someone picks it up they will feel it is actually what it seems like for the look, feel, and weight of the jar is exactly like the real deal. Access your hidden compartment by undoing the false lid which looks like factory sealed lid. Pretty cool, right? Find it here!


  1. Gun Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

 Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

Do you see anything more than the beautiful craftsmanship of the cabinet and the exclusive collection of curio? However, there is so much more to it. The sliding door that pops out from the side of the cabinet is a great place to hold your private collection of shotguns or rifles. Make the most of this beautiful yet inconspicuous firearm storage cabinet in your house. It is undoubtedly a great way to spice up the look of your home. Find it here!


  1. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

 Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Straight out of Dan Brown's most loved thriller - Da Vinci Code is this mini cryptex. No matter what secret message you want to share with your loved one this is the best way to do so. The second you enter the password it magically opens to show a hidden compartment that displays the rings it contains. This is by far the most interesting gift one can receive on any given occasion. Find it here!


  1. Garter Purse, Stays Put Silicone Grip & 2 Secured Pockets

 Garter Purse, Stays Put Silicone Grip & 2 Secured Pockets

Why give pickpockets the chance to run away with your purse when you can hide it in plain sight? Take a good look at this sexy garter that looks like just your regular one. The material used to design it is such that it will not cause any kind of irritation to your skin. The presence of the satin pouch on the side has enough room for cash, credit cards, keys, and even your phone. It is the perfect thing to use while you are travelling, dancing, running, present in nightclubs, or anywhere you go. Find it here!


  1. Hidden coffee mug safe, stainless


Want to drink your coffee and take care of your stuff from others? How about having a mug safe? Sounds funny, doesn't it? But, in reality the features of it will only tickle your sense of amazement. This amazing coffee mug can be used when you are travelling or placed anywhere in the office and home. All you have to do is unscrew the bottom and stash your stuff in it. Find it here!


  1. Hidden Wall Outlet Diversion Safe

 Hidden Wall Outlet Diversion Safe

You need to keep your valuables somewhere safe and far away from the eyes of the thief. It should be the last place a thief will look at. What can that be? Well, how about a wall outlet that looks like an ordinary one but has the potential to hide your watches, jewelry, and cash. The access to this secret compartment is very easy for those who know about it. It can be even put to use when you are not at home. Find it here!


  1. Pringles Stash Can

 Pringles Stash Can

Pringles - something that no one can resist, will finally come to your rescue when it is about keeping your valuables stored safely. There is a secret compartment that lies at the bottom of the can. All you have to do is unscrew it and keep your things. To make it even more realistic you will have actually chips inside. And, when shaken it will sound like the real deal. Find it here!


  1. Paladone Rubiks Cube Safe

 Paladone Rubiks Cube Safe

Rubik's cube is that puzzle which can make even the smartest man quiver. Even if you can solve the Rubik's cube the chances that you will know there is a secret compartment to it which opens with a code will be completely new to you. It is the exact replica of the original in every mannerism. This is the ultimate gift for friends, family, and yourself. It has been designed in such a way that it can withstand anything you throw its way. Find it here!


  1. S Patrol US Patrol Hanging Closet Safe, Black, Single Size

 U.S. Patrol US Patrol Hanging Closet Safe, Black, SINGLE SIZE

There can be no better or shall we say clever way to deceive anyone who opens your closet in search of valuables. The US Patrol hanging closet safe in black comes with nine different compartments. It can hold all your money, credit cards, jewelry, and even other important documents. Use it every time you travel or keep it amidst your other clothes to protect your belongings. Not a soul will be able to guess that it's a safe apart from you. Find it here!


  1. Diversion Safe hair Brush

 Diversion Safe Hair Brush

It can't get more real than this. Hide your cash in the false top of the hair brush. There is always room for a hair brush in every lady's handbag. Neither will this draw attention, nor does it look like it can hide your cash. The hair brush in display isn't just for display. It will serve the purpose of keeping your hair prim and proper while protecting your hard-earned money. There is small stash it bag that comes with it. This will keep your money smell proof. Find it here!


  1. Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash

 Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash

What's wrong with having a can of the most popular soda around you? Is there anything suspicious about it? Absolutely not. Use the coca cola soda can for the purpose of safe keeping your valuables. Unscrew the bottom of the can to reveal the hidden compartment which can then be used for storing your money, jewelry, and watch. Find it here!


  1. Portable Lipstick Pill Case Diversion Safe Stash Storage

 Portable Lip Stick Pill Case Diversion Safe Stash Storage

No one can resist the charm of this beauty. Hiding in plain sight this lipstick is something that you won't ever imagine what it actually is. Grab the color you really enjoy and make sure to store your pills safely and securely in it. Isn't this really cool? Find it here!


  1. Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

 Anti-theft Travel Backpack

The anti-theft design of the backpack is something you don't see every day. The primary or the main zipper of the bag lies hidden from plain sight. However, this isn't all there is. You will find a secret pocket at the back that can keep your valuables safe. Apart from all of this the backpack is undeniably great to look, comfortable to use, durable in nature, and has an USB charging port. Find it here!


  1. Soft Money Leather Belt

 Soft Money leather Belt

Are you in search of leather belt that stands true to its name and is actually made of high-quality soft leather? But, the superior quality of the leather is one of the most attractive features of this product, however, there are more. There is a wide zipper compartment in the leather belt that stays hidden and can be used for storage purpose. Find it here!


  1. Wallet with secret compartment and driver's license holder

 Wallet with Secret Compartment and Driver's License Holder

The use of best quality leather to design this wallet gives it an extra special feel and look. The sleek design of the wallet has the potential to store as many as 10 cards and all your cash. Your wallet won't lose its shape because of all the cash and card either. Choose to use the side or back pocket of the wallet to avoid that. The discreet pocket in the wallet can keep your money safe and secure. Find it here!


  1. Hidden Wallet Discreet Travel Pocket

 Hidden Wallet Discrete Travel Pocket

There is no better place to hide your valuables than in plain sight. The pouch is the best way to hide your jewelry, cash, and cards. You can attach this travel pocket hidden wallet to either your bra or panty. Make the most of it while you are travelling. The design of the wallet won't cause any discomfort to the user. The superior quality material guarantees longevity. Find it here!


  1. Hide -A- Spare - Key Fake Rock - Looks and Feels like Real Stone

 Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone

You have come across several key holders in your life, but have you ever seen something as exclusive as this real looking (fake) rock to hold your key? The shape, size, color, texture, and weight is exactly as a real rock. It is also weather resistant. Hide it with other rocks in your landscape and you will never have to worry being locked out of your own home. Find it here!


  1. Concealment Picture Frame and Fingerprint Lock

 Concealment Picture Frame and Fingerprint Lock

The easy to install picture frame in its incredibly exciting metallic bronze shade is perfect for every décor. The presence of magnet in it can hold both your handgun and clip. It has the power to hold your handgun as well as revolvers. It can even hold a picture to make the picture frame look more realistic. Find it here!


  1. Stuffed Lion With Hidden Opening

 Stuffed Lion with Hidden Opening

Your heart will go 'aww’ at the look of this adorable stuffed toy but this lion will serve more purpose than you can imagine. The opening in the back of the animal can hide all your valuables in plain sight. It comes with a t-shirt which easily hides the velcro opening and closure. Find it here!


  1. Alice in Wonderland - Real Paper Book - Locking Book Safe with Key -

 Alice in Wonderland - Real Paper Book Locking Booksafe with Key

There is a hidden safety box that lies in the book. Carved out of real solid steal, the lock box is compact in nature and lightweight in design. The exterior of the books appears like a real book. It comes with a pair of keys to use the safe and you can hide it in plain sight with other books. Find it here!


  1. Secret Hiding Places - 135 Extra Secret Places Where You Can Hide Your Valuables -

 Secret Hiding Places: 135 Extra Secret Places Where You Can Hide Your Valuables

A book that talks in detail about as many 135 secret places to keep your cash, jewelry, and other valuables safe. Make the most of the suggestions and tips to conceal your precious property. Find it here!


The struggle for finding a storage place has finally come to an end. Keep every valuable in your house protected and away from danger with these incredible storage compartments.



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